Sarah Sharp

Eccentric pop for a jaded age

“A master stroke along the border between comedy genius and on-trend musical tastes ‐ Amanda Palmer meets David O’Doherty.”

Egomaniac – The Video

Filming for the video for Egomaniac commenced on 12th August with absurd outfits and spectacles as big as your face.

We can’t wait to share the finished product with you for the single launch in September.

Love The Diva & her (long-suffering) Assistant xx

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The Unsung – Tour 2017

“Original, Stunningly creative, produces joy, sadness and passion in an equal measure.”

Winner of the Best Spoken Award at Buxton Fringe 2017.

Next tour date: 24th August @ The Bridge Inn, Rotherham

Tune in on Spotify now – or download the full album on Bandcamp.


Ornaments – The Movie

The award-winning video for ‘Ornaments’ is a Warholesque exploration of the hidden power of pastels and porcelain ennui. 

Last Decade Of Love

eccentric pop for a jaded age

The Last Decade of Love is the debut album from multi-instrumentalist and ornament-fancier Sarah Sharp. 

An eccentric blend of catchy tunes and witty, wry lyrics, it’s a love letter to musical influences from Bowie to Bach. 

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