Last Decade of Love

“Sarah Sharp is a master stroke along the border between comedy genius and on-trend musical tastes, kind of like a folksy Amanda Palmer meets David O’Doherty, with the soft yet purposed voice of Kim Gordon.”

Dogknife review

Sarah Sharp has been peddling her own peculiar brand eccentric pop since moving to Sheffield in 2014. She sings of ornament-hoarders, forgotten seaside towns and cryptic crossword love affairs.

Her unique style has been likened to such various artists as Kate Bush, Amanda Palmer, and Kim Gordon.

Last Decade of Love is her debut album, a postcard to the past ten years that is both nostalgic and absurd. She is interested in the interplay of humour and sadness in everyday life.

The first single is Egomaniac, which will be released in September 2017. This will be accompanied by a suitably absurd video in which Sarah plays both The Diva and her long suffering Assistant.  

Originally pursuing an academic life studying ancient texts, Sarah lived in London and New York before making the obvious segue to Sheffield to make music.

Tune into this podcast to hear more about how she came to write the album, and self-revelation in the unlikely form of improv comedy.